Connecting independent initatives working from Rudolf Steiner's indications in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

A New TN/KY Regional Biodynamic Agriculture Group

A new TN/KY regional Biodynamic agriculture group is working together this winter to learn the Demeter Standard for agriculture. Participating farms will begin peer inspection visits in 2016 in order to receive low-cost Demeter farm certification.

This chapter also welcomes consumers, educators, new farmers, and anyone interested in being involved in Biodynamic agriculture. We are currently meeting in the Bells Bend area just outside Nashville. The group currently includes 6-10 regional farmers currently using Biodynamic practices, beekeepers, new landowners, Biodynamic prepmakers, new farmers, and herb growers.
DemeterLOCAL’s goals are to encourage Biodynamic farming and certification and to promote the growth of regional Biodynamic food sheds. DemeterLOCAL accomplishes these goals by fostering farmer and consumer education, empowering peer-to-peer certification, and localizing the administrative requirements resulting in a more cost effective education and certification program. Our TN/KY group is seeking grassroots funding to help support the coordination and growth of this model in our region.
Any donation is welcome.
If you are interested in this peer-to-peer model of Biodynamic certification or would like to donate, please contact Hilary Higginbotham,, 615-594-1416.

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