Connecting independent initatives working from Rudolf Steiner's indications in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Future Events

Eurythmy Workshop with Corinne Horan – June 3 Finding Courage and Fostering Resilience Through Movement

Corinne is a registered Therapeutic Eurythmist who has been working in medical offices and schools helping patients find health and balance through movement. Corinne loves working with all ages and abilities, whether that is treating a challenging illness or cultivating a restorative movement practice. With intensive training in Artistic Eurythmy, Pedagogical Eurythmy, and a master’s in Therapeutic Eurythmy, Corinne brings a broad range of expertise to her work with patients. She is currently working at Humanizing Medicine in Decatur, GA offering Therapeutic Eurythmy to patients enrolled in the direct primary care practice and the Mistletoe Cancer Therapy program. 


The Christian Community Nashville May 19-20 2023

Friday, May 19

Morning and early afternoon times available for individual meetings with the priest. Email Rev. Heirman to schedule.

7pm – Living with Christ Jesus Through the Gospels

          Who is Christ Jesus? How does the Son of God, the Son of Humanity, reveal Himself to us? Do the Gospels show a path to get to know Him? We will explore several passages together that lead to the deed of His Ascension, the festival season we are in, 40 days after           Easter, as well as art images.   * Bring a favorite Bible if you have one. 

Saturday, May 20

9:30am – Seasonal Story for Ascension

10:30am – The Consecration of the Human Being

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All events held at the

home of

Barbara Bittles

4804 Sewanee Road

Nashville, TN

Nashville Rudolf Steiner Study Group March 7th -Theosophy

The Nashville Rudolf Steiner Study Group will continue their study of the foundation readings of Anthroposophy with the book Theosophy. Translated by Catherine E. Creeger. The book gives a description of the soul bodies and the seven regions of the soul world, the seven regions of the land of spirits and the soul’s journey after death. It includes a discussion of reincarnation and karma This work explains the basic concepts and terminologies of Anthroposophy .

The Nashville Rudolf Steiner Group
Meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of the month -evenings at 7 pm. At the Linden Waldorf School Trinity Presbyterian Church 3201 Hillsboro Rd Nashville TN 37215 For more information, contact Barbara Bittles at  or Cindy Turner

Easter Region Video Newsletter

Easter Region Video Newsletter -November 10th 7:30 EST 6:30 CST

Please join us for our Eastern Region Video Newsletter Three regional branches and groups will share their work for approximately 20 to 30 minutes each.

From the Southeast Area, Barbara Bittles will share about a new initiativecalled Sacred Undertaking.

From the Mid-Atlantic Area, Herbert Hagens will share about the Princeton Group.

From the Northeast Area, Alice Groh will share about the Anthroposophical Society in New Hampshire.

The following questions were offered as a guidance:

  • How do you work with and involve the School of Spiritual Science and the wider anthroposophical movement?
  • How do you foster a relationship with the national office?
  • What role does your branch/group fulfill in your community?
  • How is anthroposophy fostered in your branch/group?
  • What are your future plans?

This event will be recorded and viewable afterwards for a limited time.

We look forward to seeing you all on the call,

Gino Ver Eecke
Eastern Region Representative to the General Council (NY)

Eastern Region Holding Group
 Angela Foster (GA), Cathy Green (TN), Gino Ver Eecke (NY)


Meeting ID: 828 4119 8534

Passcode: East