Connecting independent initatives working from Rudolf Steiner's indications in Nashville and Middle Tennessee


Anthroposophical Society in America 734-662-9355
Rudolf Steiner Archive
Rudolf Steiner Audio
Center for Anthroposophy 
Threefold Educational Center

Biodynamic Farms & CSA’s
Barefoot Farmer (Jeff Poppen)
Bells Bend Farms
Bugtussle Farm
Hill & Hollow Farm
Red Springs Family Farm
Six Boots Growers’ Collective (Will Tarleton)
Arugula’s Star Farm

Class Lessons of School of Spiritual Science
Edward St. Goar (Chattanooga)

Meditation & Energy Work
Sarah Cherry

Study Groups
Michael Study Group of Nashville – Barbara Bittles
The Nashville Rudolf Steiner Group – Cathy Green
GEMS (a national online/mail study group) – Margaret Shipman
Monthly Biodynamic Gathering – Hilary Higginbotham
East Tennessee Rudolf Steiner Study Group– Bill Rogers
Chattanooga Study Group-Edward St. Gore
Memphis Anthroposophy- Robert Wallace

Veil Painting
Helen Chamberlain 615-356-0295

Waldorf Education
Linden Waldorf School 615-354-0270
Nashville Waldorf Homeschoolers