Connecting independent initatives working from Rudolf Steiner's indications in Nashville and Middle Tennessee


Southeast Regional Biodynamic Conference September 29-October 1

A high quality educational event with the atmosphere of a seasonal celebration.Please join us for the annual reunion of the region’s sustainable growers, biodynamic enthusiasts, permaculture practitioners, homesteaders, and friends in general. Workshops in Animal Husbandry, Growing Vegetables, Eurythmy, Homeopathy, Fermentation, Permaculture, and Beekeeping.

All MEALS INCLUDED.Chef prepared, local, organic and biodymamic food, complete with hot tea and coffee bar.

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Christmas Festival for the Anthroposophic Biodynamic Waldorf Community

Dec 10th 2-4:30  at Linden Waldorf School

A presentation by Glen Williamson

The Incarnation of the Logos: An Epic Tale of Christ’s Coming to Earth

This production, which harmonizes the conflicting accounts of Matthew and Luke and weaves the threads of many traditions into an intimate but also cosmic drama.  This wondrous story begins with the messianic prophecies in the Temple in Jerusalem, weaves through many parts of the world and throughout history, and ends with the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. Adam and Eve,Moses, Adonis, Osiris, Isis, Apollo, Krishna, Buddha and Zarathustra all appear in this sometimes astonishing retelling of the greatest story ever told. This saga is based on the Gospels and the work of spiritual researcher Rudolf Steiner and theologians Emil Bock and Edward R. Smith. The performance for the Adults runs one hour and fifteen minutes.

  • Followed by Refreshments

Please RSVP for Childcare or 615-294-1216

Hosted by the Festival Team of Anthroposophic Branch of  Middle Tennessee

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Biodynamic Farmer Jeff Poppens host the Local Food Summit Dec 2-4

December 2-4 2016 | Tennessee State University’s Downtown Avon Williams Campus

($125 includes meals & all workshops)

Featuring Joel Salatin!  

Sponsored by Barefoot Farmer, LLC and TSU, it will feature Nashville’s best chefs offering delicious, locally grown organic meals during a full day of educational workshops, networking, and the celebration of another great growing season.

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Biodynamic Prep- Nashville Area Nov 2 and Nov 4

We’ll be making Biodynamic Preparations next week . Please join us! 

Wednesday Nov 2, 2016

Chamomile Preparation

9:30am – 12:00

Sue Buck’s farm in Neely’s Bend, Madison TN

**Please bring a sack lunch for a lunch together afterwards.**

Friday Nov 4, 2016

Dandelion Preparation – Barrel Compost – Compost Preps

9:30am – 2:00pm

Arugulas’ Star Farm – Allison & Matthew Neal’s farm in Bethel TN (a beautiful 45 min to 1 hour’s drive from Nashville)

**Please bring a sack lunch for a lunch together midday.**

Carpooling is definitely an option for those who want to go.

RSVP Contact Hilary Higginbotham at 

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(Foxhollow Farm, KY, chamomile prep making 2015) (Prep Making at Six Boots Collective 2015)