Connecting independent initatives working from Rudolf Steiner's indications in Nashville and Middle Tennessee


The Christian Community Nashville May 19-20 2023

Friday, May 19

Morning and early afternoon times available for individual meetings with the priest. Email Rev. Heirman to schedule.

7pm – Living with Christ Jesus Through the Gospels

          Who is Christ Jesus? How does the Son of God, the Son of Humanity, reveal Himself to us? Do the Gospels show a path to get to know Him? We will explore several passages together that lead to the deed of His Ascension, the festival season we are in, 40 days after           Easter, as well as art images.   * Bring a favorite Bible if you have one. 

Saturday, May 20

9:30am – Seasonal Story for Ascension

10:30am – The Consecration of the Human Being

Please rsvp

All events held at the

home of

Barbara Bittles

4804 Sewanee Road

Nashville, TN

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