Connecting independent initatives working from Rudolf Steiner's indications in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Michaelmas Festival Oct 4th 2-4 pm

The Middle Tennessee Anthroposophy  Branch will host an in person outside ,or zoom connection if you prefer , Michaelmas Festival Oct 4th 2pm-4pm  at the home of Barbara Bittles. We will gather outside on the driveway for a group exploration of the spiritual being of Michael and the Michaelmas festival. We encourage everyone who attends to take 5 minutes and give an interpretation of their favorite Michaelmas experience . ( Similar to the Holy Nights gathering by the Society last year) This may be personal inner experience for the time of the year, farming activities, an artistic drawing ,Eurythmy, story , astrological , or giving Michaelmas reading. Please bring your own snacks . Drinks and plates and napkins will be provided . We look forward to enjoying our time together as we celebrate Michaelmas festival.

For information to the meeting please contact

Cathy Green

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