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Michaelmas Celebration Thank You

Middle Tennessee Branch of Anthroposophy Michaelmas Festival
What a reverent and festive gathering! About 50 of us from diverse spiritual study and agriculture circles came together to learn about the Biodynamic Horn Manure preparation and the meaning of the Michaelmas season from Jeff Poppen, The Barefoot Farmer. We also enjoyed a group meditation of Rudolf Steiner’s Foundation Stone and a potluck featuring dragon-shaped bread loaves decorated with flowers and jewels (Thanks Cloniger family!) 

Six Boots Collective hosted our event. Six Boots, a CSA farm and market garden, has been growing and using Biodynamic practices for 4+ years — meanwhile hosting many community Biodynamic gatherings. Please join us for more prep making and seasonal celebrations.
Will Tarleton of Six Boots is also a core member of our year-old TN-KY DemeterLocal Chapter, which certifies regional Biodynamic farmers (to Demeter USA’s Standards) using a low-cost peer inspection model which prioritizes education — for farmers and interested community members. TN-KY DemeterLocal’s vision is to build a strong foundation for peer collaboration to strengthen the local biodynamic farm community and share practical knowledge and resources.
A message from Will:
Friends, I was so honored to share my space at Six Boots Growers’ Collective with a broader group of folks interested in the practical exploration of Biodynamic Agriculture and Anthroposophy.  
I would like to thank everyone who helped coordinate this special event, and especially Jeff Poppen for his personal insight of the biodynamic preparations and the celebration of Michaelmas.  
I would also like to encourage this exchange of knowledge, and inquisition into the development of our own community’s understanding of the practical applications of Biodynamics and Anthroposophy.  I would like to continue the dialogue of both, and I am open to holding another event in the Spring, as well as, any events that may come about between now and then. 
Thanks again for everyone’s help and enthusiasm.  I am looking forward to a winter of personal reflection, and envisioning an abundant and prosperous Spring for all of us in our endeavors filled with love and gratitude.  
Feel free to come back on the second Tuesday of each month to share again in a potluck starting at 7:30pm with other members of our Bells Bend community.  
Peace and Blessings,
Will Tarleton
Farm Manager
Six Boots Collective/Tennessee Grown 
We will have a few prep making gatherings in October and November. 
For more information
>> Email Hilary Higginbotham at to be involved in the Nashville Biodynamic Community or the TN-KY DemeterLocal group.
And make sure to sign up for Anthroposophy Nashville’s email list for events and news about Steiner study groups, talks, educational activities, and regional happenings at
Thank you for coming! And thank you especially to Jeff and Will.
A peaceful Michaelmas season to you all!
From the Anthroposophy-Waldorf-Biodynamic Agriculture planning team:
Barbara Bittles
Cathy Green
Hilary Higginbotham
James Stribey
Marilyn Sutcliffe

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