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Willing the Good: Love, Action, Healing

The ASA Annual Conference and AGM ONLINE October 9-10-11 2020

ONLINE October 9, 10, 11 2020 – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! 

Within the tumult and beauty of this moment,we humbly invite you to join us October 9, 10, & 11 in our online community space for Willing The Good: Love, Action, Healing, the ASA annual conference.  Speakers and workshop presenters include Thea Maria Carlson, Peter Selg, Harrie Salman, and more.  Plus our first ever online art dispersal!

 The committee invites you to work with The Culture of Selflessness by Peter Selg with special attention to “The Mystery of the Earth” by Ita Wegmanthe Warmth Meditation and the Bridge Meditation, 
Please note that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ASA will also be held online the same week.

Michaelmas Festival Oct 4th 2-4 pm

The Middle Tennessee Anthroposophy  Branch will host an in person outside ,or zoom connection if you prefer , Michaelmas Festival Oct 4th 2pm-4pm  at the home of Barbara Bittles. We will gather outside on the driveway for a group exploration of the spiritual being of Michael and the Michaelmas festival. We encourage everyone who attends to take 5 minutes and give an interpretation of their favorite Michaelmas experience . ( Similar to the Holy Nights gathering by the Society last year) This may be personal inner experience for the time of the year, farming activities, an artistic drawing ,Eurythmy, story , astrological , or giving Michaelmas reading. Please bring your own snacks . Drinks and plates and napkins will be provided . We look forward to enjoying our time together as we celebrate Michaelmas festival.

For information to the meeting please contact

Cathy Green

Study Group Meeting Return September 1

Nashville rudof Steiner group willl not meet August 18th.

Meeting return September 1 .

This group meets the first and third Tuesday of the month . This groups is currently reading Love and the  Evolution of Consciousness by Karen Rivers.

Zoom presentations are available. For more information please contact Cathy Green

Exploring the Karmic Double, Forgiveness and The Twelve Virtues With Karen Rivers June 12-13 Zoom Presentation-


Karen Rivers, PhD


Author of Love and the Evolution of Consciousness:

The Transformation of the Human Soul, the Double, and the Spirit

There is a law of compensation in the Universe, meaning that all

evil-doing has its own retribution by Nature’s own act. Leave it

therefore to the gods to avenge you if you have suffered, and suffered

wrongly. Give justice when you receive injustice. Ally yourselves

with the gods, with your own inner god. Requite never hate with

hate, for thus you but add fuel to an unholy flame. Requite hatred

with compassion and justice. This is the ancient law. Thus also you

make no evil Karma for yourself; thus you ally yourself with Na-

ture’s own spiritual procedures and you become a child of the cosmic

life, which thereafter will beat in your own heart with its undying

pulses. — G. de Purucker, (2000)

Forgiveness has the potential to be of immeasurable significance for

human evolution. It is among the most pressing spiritual issues of

our time as well as a preeminent method of furthering spiritual

evolution, both for individual human beings and for the Earth.

Practicing the Twelve Virtues creates a path to educate the emotions, refine

the soul, and develop inner character. When we enter into the task

of developing virtue, we enter into an alchemical process of trans-

forming our soul life into capacities for helping others with grace,

subtlety and care. Through a practice of the Virtues, human beings

can establish a harmonious relationship with each other and with the

Soul and the Cosmos. The Virtues constitute a way of sacred service

in the world for they are the means through which we unite the soul

and spirit. Rudolf Steiner stated that: If you diligently practice these

virtues, new powers and abilities will result.

Friday, June 12, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, June 13, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

This will be a zoom presentation. Suggested $20.00 donation to Karen Rivers made on paypal to Paypal payments

The Zoom link will be sent on Friday June 12 th .The presentation will be recorded for viewing if you can not attend the live presentation.

More Information : contact Cathy Green


Love and Evolution Schedule Nashville 2020