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Rosey Cross Meditation/Whitsun Festival June 7-8 with Hazel Archer Ginsberg



Location-4804 Sewanne Road Nashville TN

June 7th-Pot Luck Dinner 6:00 Lecture -7pm-9pm 

‘Preparation, Illumination & Initiation’ – The Rosy Cross
Incorporating ‘The Golden Legend’, & the Plant vs. Human Kingdoms,To enliven our work with ‘The Rose Cross Meditation’.
Using our head, hands & heart we will enact this powerful Rosicrucian tool given to us by Rudolf Steiner, as a soul path of initiation, using imaginative cognition to build spiritual etheric forces; a Metamorphoses of Self & of World.

June 8th 10:00 AM -1:00 PM

A Whitsun Festival of United Soul Endeavor
Living into the Foundation Stone of Love  –
How can we take our individual Inner Whitsun & expand it, into what Steiner calls the “World Festival of Knowledge” a path leading from ‘Spirit Recollection’, to ‘Spirit Sensing’, to ‘Spirit Beholding’?
What are my gifts-What are my tools? How can I place them in right relationship within the social realm? How can I hone them to strengthen and enhance the world?Eurythmy: AUM = A – I stand for myself, U- I stand for humanity, M – I stand for Life
Social Sculpture: Steiner’s ‘Blue Dot Exercise’- Through Art, the bridge between science & spirit, we warm the ‘I’, to open the heart, in support of healthy community.
Enter the Labyrinth of Vitae Sophia – Human hearts, once warmed, can rise up to meet the source of wisdom, like flowers turning toward the sun.

*Hazel Archer-Ginsberg –Essayist, Lecturer, Poet, Trans-denominational Minister, Anthroposopher, working as the Festivals Coordinator & Council Member of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch, The Traveling Speakers Program, and the Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society.
Founder of Reverse Ritual – Understanding Anthroposophy through the Rhythms of the Year

Love offering $20.00

Please RSVP  call Barbara Bittles 615-294-1216 or

Regional Study Groups

Our Resource page contains many groups for Anthroposophy- Biodynamics – Veil painting- Meditation- And Study Groups

A few new study groups from around the region are added to the Resource Page

Chattanooga Study Group– Sunday afternoons at 1502 Hixson Pike at 2:30 pm,-
Reading the Occult Significance of Forgiveness – By Sergi O Prokofieff
Contact Edward ST Gore

Maryville Study Group  Multiple meetings though the week
Contact Bill Rodgers-

Memphis Anthroposophy- Meetings Wednesdays 7-9PM
Contact Robert Wallace




The Christian Community recognizes the Christian path to be a path of freedom. From the beginning, it has been a part of God’s divine plan that human consciousness should evolve and change over time. As humanity has “come of age” spiritually, the roll of the church in human lives has also changed.  Today, we our selves are responsible for seeking the truth and understanding how the Spirit lives and works. Rituals and religious teachings exist to nourish and strengthen us spiritually so that we can better understand how God works in our lives. Fostering freedom and responsibility in the individual is seen as crucial in approaching a relationship with Christ Jesus’ deed and message.
From time to time the development of our humanity requires a spirit of renewal. We can observe this in humanities history. We also know this in our own personal lives. This spirit of renewal, helps enliven and strengthens our work, our sense of direction and our lives. 









 12:30 AM ..VEGAN LUNCH  prepared by Niles Franko

LOCATION- 4804 Sewanee Road Nashville, TN 37220

For further information contact Barbara Bittles

+Please call if you plan on attending .

Study Groups Return- new times and locations

Study groups return this week.

Michael Study Group-Meetings the first and third Monday at 2:00 PM
This group is reading the Ten Commandants by Ernst Katz
For more information contact Barbara Bittles at

Nashville Rudolf Steiner Group  – Beginning March 5th has a new meeting location
 Linden Waldorf School  3201 Hillsboro Pike Nashville TN 37215
First and third Tuesdays 7:00 pm
For more information, contact Cathy Green at
Nashville Rudolf Steiner group will begin a new book. Love and it’s meaning in the world. By Rudolf Steiner.