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Ongoing Veil Painting Workshops

Anthroposophic artist Helen Chamberlain has begun teaching veil painting in the Liane Collot d’Herbois method of color, light and darkness. Helen is a graduate of the Emerald Foundation in the Netherlands. Her painting Light Gatherers is featured on this website. Both private and group classes are offered, and no previous artistic experience is necessary. For dates and information, call (615) 356-0295.

Veil painting takes much patience – moving the brush slowly and gently as transparent washes of color are applied to the canvas. Transparent layers capture the light, giving an inner luminosity that draws the viewer into the work. The veil painting method creates a “color space” – colors come into being and there is a surprise each time as the painter never has a particular motif in mind. The color will sing through in different areas and then certain images emerge. It is always a mystery – an exciting mystery – in that the artist never knows what is going to happen!

Josine Hutchison, founder of the Emerald Foundation, has recommended Helen as a teacher of Collot’s method to those living and working in North America.

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