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Foundation Stone Meditation Gathering January 11-12

Margaret Shipman, Director of the Traveling Speakers Program of the Anthroposophical Society in America, will share her knowledge of the Foundation Stone Meditation in a gathering January 11-12 in Nashville, TN.

Gail Langstroth, a professional eurymist and poet, will share her interpretation of the Foundation Stone Meditation through eurythmy.

Several aspects touched upon will be: the correlation of the Foundation Stone Meditation with the Lord’s Prayer, the rhythms of the day and their unfolding through the meditation, the working of the meditation in both the etheric and astral body, and the larger question of how does one become personally connected with the Foundation Stone Meditation.

Time and Place:
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Chapel and Fellowship Hall
3201 Hillsboro Pk., Nashville, TN 37215
Friday, January 11, 2013 from 7-9pm
Saturday, January 12, 2013 from 10am-3pm with lunch from 12-1pm
Cost: $50 (suggested amount) includes catered vegetarian lunch
Registration: Barbara Bittles 615-373-5173
Please pre-register to facilitate planning

The Foundation Stone Meditation was first presented during the reestablishment of the General Anthroopsophical Society at the Christmas Conference of 1923 in Cologne, Germany. A powerful and penetrating meditative text that many consider to be a key to the spiritual mysteries of our time. This lecture is a gift by Margaret to us in honor of 100 years since this pivotal event.

Rudolf Steiner described the substance of the Foundation Stone Meditation as spoken by him “out of the will of the spiritual world.” and as “a verse heard from the Cosmic World.”  Owing to its spiritual and mantric form, the text of this meditation represents an archetype and is thus a key to the most diverse areas of the world and human existence.

This weekend will be dedicated to making the Foundation Stone Meditation more accessible. Everything you study in the future will be enriched by taking up this great meditation which Rudolf Steiner called the “Dodecatherial Stone of Love.”

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