Connecting independent initatives working from Rudolf Steiner's indications in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Workshop-Jeff Poppen – Fellowship of the Biodynamic Preparation Makers February 9th-11th

compost preps 02092018

Long Hungry Creek Farm 2250 Heddy Ridge Road Red Boiling Springs Tn

Bring any compost preparations you’ve made, including ones you are not satisfied with, so we can show and tell and learn together. Friday will feature seasoned “fellows” examining the preparations in depth, while Saturday will be more general education of preparation making.

All meals and workshops included.

The mission of the Fellowship of the Preparation Makers is to help ensure the availability of high quality biodynamic preparations in North American into the future. We gather each year to share what we have learned and expand our understanding in fellowship with one another. The Fellowship welcomes and encourages preparations makers at all stages of interest to join us.

Tickets $100-$200

Schedule and Tickets

Please direct inquiries over phone or email to Coree Entwistle at 615-699-4676 (before 8 pm central time), sends e-mail).

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